Who are you?

Cobleas was established by a lead QSA and Director of a QSA company with many years of PCI DSS and information security experience who felt that the broader security needs of clients could be better served when not operating solely as a QSA company.  We think we’ve built the kind of independent security consultancy that we ourselves would like to work with. Our extensive knowledge of the PCI DSS means we can provide a range of services to clients and offer consistent information security support to our clients on an ongoing basis.


What are you going to sell me?

Nothing. We don’t have sales people. Not one. We are also completely vendor neutral. After many years of working in the field of PCI and information security we recognise the good, bad and the ugly in products that claim to supply PCI ‘solutions’. We have developed an arsenal of good quality tools that we use in our work and are happy to recommend various products and companies based on your need. So if we believe a free open source tool is the best answer to an issue you’re facing rather than an expensive alternative, we’ll tell you so!


Isn’t PCI difficult and expensive?

It can be, if you don’t get the right help.  You need assistance from a team that has the technical expertise to give you specialist guidance you can rely on, coupled with the real world commercial experience to make sure that any solutions are practical for your organisation to adopt.  We’ve made it our business to cut through the complications and make the process as simple as possible.  We’re passionate about what we do and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. We’ve helped organisations large and small across many market sectors including retail, financial services, government and IT services.


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Cobleas Ltd
Registered in England. Reg No. 07872490

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